Soflex Polyurethane binder is a single component, MDI based, Non Volatile pre-polymer system. Primarily for playground flooring, running tracks, sports flooring, base layer for sports grounds and other wetpour installations.

PU binders are available in two categories, Aromatic and Aliphatic grade as below:

Aromatic Binder:

Aromatic binders are the most commonly used PU binder because of its economic value and availability in the market. Nevertheless, Aromatic binders tend to yellow upon exposure to sunlight and UV rays, namely the “yellowing effect” which is a common phenomenon. Yellowing effect will cause some colors of EPDM Granules to change momentarily until the yellowing tint wears off.

Soflex also offers Aromatic PU binder added with UV inhibitor for the color granules that are sensitive to the yellowing effect. The added UV stabilizer act as a retarder to delay the yellowing effect taking place, allowing it to change slower to a more uniform shade at an extended period of time.

Aliphatic Binders:

Aliphatic binder is premium grade, non-yellowing Polyurethane binder. It offers exceptional chemical resistance, good weathering properties and superior adhesion. However, Aliphatic PU binder cost much more than the Aromatic grade.