Soflex offers an attractive range of colored EPDM granules that allow users any combinations of colors to create patterns for wetpour rubber flooring, safety surfacing, athletic tracks and rubber tiles.

Soflex colored EPDM granules are manufactured with stringent quality control right from the beginning to meet the specific parameters, such as the physical properties, weathering resistance, UV stability and filling density. These aspects of the product are important to installation requirements and its ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. All our product are sampled, retained and evaluated to ensure product quality consistency, its conformance to specifications for future references.

Soflex also offers advice on selection of the colored EPDM granules for applications that meet the customers’ expectations. This helps both our clients and the end users to make informed decisions in selecting the right color for their applications and purpose of use. Reason being that certain colors of EPDM granules are sensitive to the yellowing of PU binders and some colors are weak in its color stability.

Application of EPDM Granules:

  • Playground flooring
  • Running track
  • Jogging trail
  • Multi games court
  • Rubber tiles

EPDM Colour Range