Soflex prides itself with over 30 years of knowledge and experience in the rubber surfacing industry. With the skills, knowledge and competency, Soflex is also in position to providing professional advice on various types of installations that meet clients expectations and industry standards.

Our team constantly strives for quality in both its products quality and service towards forging a close business relationship with its partners, to grow and prosper together with their clients.

Vision & Mission:


Be the company of choice in the industry of rubber flooring. Constantly adapting to changing business environment to offering our best to all our customers, stakeholders and employees in whatever we do.

Business Philosophy:


  • To provide a channel of communication with our clients and listen to their constructive criticisms for improvements in our business approach.
  • To offer our customers quality products and services as promised for their trust and confidence in us.
  • To embrace changes in response to ever changing customers’ expectations and market conditions.
  • To provide a conducive working environment for our employees to inculcate team work, mutual respect and opportunities to excel and growth.

Production & Quality Control

Soflex manufacturing knowhow is backed by years of market knowledge and experience, combined with advanced production machineries and dedicated personnel. We focused on producing rubber flooring materials of exceptional consistency and durability under stringent quality control to meet market requirements and customers’ expectations.

Warehouse & Inventory

Soflex is dedicated to a well structured warehousing system to maintain an efficient stock and inventory plan. Depending on the product types and specifications, most products, especially EPDM Granules, are produced in large volume for inventory to achieve quick turnaround on shipments to meet our customers’ requirements on delivery lead time. 

Logistic & Shipping

Soflex offers both local delivery and international shipping with high reliability, punctuality and cost efficiency. Our logistics staff are well experienced in handling the goods throughout the packing and loading process to ensure all packages are delivered in the most secure and sustainable manner that meets our customers’ requirements. 

Research & Development

Soflex R&D department works closely with its technical sales and production team to bring innovation by studying, analyzing and improving the flooring solutions that we provide to our customers. We are committed to continuous improvements in order to ensure the utmost satisfaction in the products and services offered to its clients worldwide.

Our Quality Assurance

Soflex manufacturing knowhow is backed by years of market knowledge and experience, combined with advanced production machineries and dedicated personnel to product rubber flooring materials of exceptional quality, high consistency and excellent durability to withstand all weather conditions. 

Soflex follows a comprehensive quality control process right from the selection of raw materials to the packing and loading of goods. The quality and material properties of our products are guaranteed through a series of in-house quality checking procedures as well as external laboratory tests. 

To ensure high product quality consistency and conformance to specifications, all products are sampled, retained and evaluated through a well structured process.