Soflex Polyurethane Binder is a single component, MDI based, non-volatile pre-polymer system. The moisture-curing polyurethane binder is primarily used to mix with EPDM and SBR granules for wet-pour rubber flooring installation.  

Soflex Polyurethane Binder is available in two categories, namely Aromatic Binder and Aliphatic Binder:-

Aromatic Binder

Aromatic binder is the most commonly used PU binder because of its economic value and availability in the market. Aromatic binder tends to yellow upon exposure to sunlight or UV rays, this common phenomenon is called the “yellowing effect” of polyurethane binder. The yellowing effect may momentarily cause slight changes to the EPDM Granules of some colours until the yellowing tint layer wears off from foot traffic. 

Soflex also offers Aromatic binder added with UV inhibitor for EPDM Colour Granules that are more sensitive to the yellowing effect. The added UV stabilizer acts as a retarder to delay the yellowing effect taking place, allowing the colour to change slower to a more uniform shade at an extended period of time. 

Aliphatic Binder

Aliphatic binder is a premium grade, non – yellowing polyurethane binder. It offers exceptional chemical resistance, good weathering properties and superior adhesion. Aliphatic binder costs higher than aromatic binder, and is usually used with EPDM Granules of which colours are highly sensitive to the yellowing effect. 




Storage Stability

Drying Time

NCO Value

Flash Point



Light Yellowish/ Pale Amber

3500 mPas (± 1000) (25℃)

9 – 12 months (store in cool and dry indoor place)

6 – 8 hours (subject to method of us, surrounding temperature and humidity)

5 – 10%

> 200%

210kg/ drum or 50kg/drum for aromatic binder; 20kg/drum for aliphatic binder.


  • Solvent – Free
  • Single Component
  • Moisture – Curing
  • MDI – Based
  • Volatile Monomer – Free
  • TDI – Free


Soflex Polyurethane Binder is used as an adhesive, together with rubber granules, in the cast-in-situ installation for rubber flooring such as athletic tracks and playground surfaces. 


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